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Should You Remodel or Renovate?

When thinking of updating a bathroom or kitchen, oftentimes customers might picture replacing everything down to the studs. However, in most cases this is not necessary. Making a space feel new or open doesn't always require a lot of contracting. The slightest changes can make the biggest impact on the space when redesigning a room.

Let's look at the difference between remodeling and renovating and when to choose each.

Renovate : to restore to a good state of repair

In essence, renovating is updating a room so that it feels cozy and new again. However, updating a room back to its former glory doesn't necessarily require structural changes. This is also known as a "partial remodel." Renovations tend to be less cost because there is less labor involved.

If you are happy with the overall layout of your kitchen or bathroom, then renovating may be the right option for you. A room can be refreshened simply with minor cosmetic changes such as painting, new fixtures and countertops, or new flooring. There is no need to move walls or move major furnishings around.

Remodel : to change the structure or form of

With remodeling there is a lot more contracting work involved and therefore more of an investment. This may be a better option for those who feel like the appliances and furnishings within the space are not functioning as desired. If there are any major damages with plumbing or electrical, you may also need to consider doing some remodeling work.

Knowing the different options available can help make a decision in designing your home. This can also help you to plan how much you may need to save.

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